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Corporate Video Production Specialist

Corporate Video Experts

Years of Experience in Corporate Video

In-House Corporate Video Crew

  • Experienced team that has worked together for more than 3 years.
  • Provides in-house comprehensive service from pre-production to post-production.
  • A fast learning team as we have worked on projects across various industries.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Corporate video services including

  • Business Overview Study & Research
  • Concept Development
  • Script Development
  • Meetings, scheduling, project management
  • Site visit, Recce
  • Talent management
  • Video shoot
  • Camera, lighting, and sound equipment
  • Video asset management, backups, archives
  • Standard Color grading
  • Standard Edits with 2 complimentary revisions
  • Music license limited for web usage
  • Subtitle & Supers
film camera with a screen


Be creative in pre-production with us.

Help us learn about your business and be excited about something creative in the planning stage including brainstorming, concept & script development, location & talent selections.


Join our Production to achieve your project together.

Clients are welcome and encouraged to join the actual shoot where we place the pieces together as a team.


Specialize in the Editing process.

All captured assets will take extra care of multiple backups before we start the edits. Meanwhile, you the clients sit and enjoy the first draft from us.


Craft a video that you are proud of

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