By Eggs is a homegrown brand of skincare products, and we are dedicated to creating fun ‘food for your skin’. Starting out as a passion project while pursuing our degrees at the London School of Economics, By Eggs is a journey to make skincare routines fun and creative, and specially catered for local skin types.

We launched our clay masks in November 2017 after months of R&D, focusing on food-inspired skincare ingredients, similar to the food we eat to nourish our bodies. Stay tuned to By Eggs as we bring you more products lined up for 2021! All products are proudly made in Malaysia.




By Eggs

What We Did

Concept Development, Video Production, Post Production

By Eggs has been introduced to the team when we looking for anyone who is interested to be part of this docu-series. Thankfully Winnie and Michelle are open to our proposal. And I am glad that we had a great session of 2 days shoot with the full cooperation of By Eggs’s team.